Steak Pie

Steak Pie must be cooked beef with the addition of permitted seasoning, herbs, thickener and flavouring.
The filling should preferably be encased or topped with pastry either shortcrust, puff or a combination of both. The pie will be presented either in a foil or, if baked in a metal tin, out of the baking tin.

The pie should have a maximum finished weight of 250 grams. 

2018 Winners


Irvines Bakery, Beith (Steak Pie)


Thomas Johnston Quality Butchers, Falkirk (Steak & Gravy Pie)

Wm Stephen (Bakers) Ltd, Dunfermline (Steak Pie)


Bells Food Group, Shotts (Steak & Gravy Pie)

Goodfellows of Dundee Ltd, Dundee (Steak Pie)


Calder Millerfield, Glasgow (Scotch Beef Steak Pie) 

D. Faulds & Son Ltd, Kilmarnock (Steak & Gravy Pie) 

Nevis Bakery, Inverness (Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie) 

Trossachs Pie & Pastry Company, Callander (Steak Pie) 

William Grant Bakery, Tain (Steak & Gravy Pie)