Haggis Savoury

Haggis with any combination of edible ingredients to be eaten HOT.

The filling should be in pastry carrier, either shortcrust, puff, filo or a combination of pastries. The product may be presented in a foil, or if baked in a tin, out of the baking tin. A vegetable topping is allowed.

NB Vegetarian haggis products should be entered into the Vegetarian savoury category. 

2018 Winners

Trossachs Pie & Pastry Company, Callander (Steak ​& Macsween Haggis Pie) 


Fisher & Donaldson, Cupar (Steak & Haggis Pie)

Tom Courts Quality Foods, Burntisland (Steak & Haggis Pie)


The Little Bakery, Heathall (Haggis with Chicken in Peppercorn Sauce Pie)

Wm Stephen (Bakers) Ltd, Dunfermline (Steak & Haggis Pie)


Aulds Bakeries, Greenock (Steak & Haggis Pie)

Ballards Butchers, Castle Douglas (Blaggis Pie)

Ballards Butchers, Castle Douglas (Cheesy Haggis Pie)

Biggar Flavour, Biggar (Chicken Leek & Haggis Pie)

Brownings the Bakers, Kilmarnock (Gourmet Steak & Haggis Pie)