Bridie - Puff Pastry

Bridie will have a beef filling either minced or cubed and may contain as an addition rusk, seasoning, optional onion, cereal/vegetable or soya binder, water or stock.
Any cereal or soya binder must not be at an added level that is considered a filler. The fillling must be encased with PUFF PASTRY.

Bridie - Pie Pastry

A savoury Bridie will have a cooked shredded or cubed steak filling with ingredients as used for the standard puff pastry Bridie. No vegetable other than onion is acceptable.
The filling will be encased with SAVOURY SHORTCRUST PIE PASTRY 

2018 Winners

Nevis Bakery, Fort William  (Mince Bridie)


Scott Brothers, Dundee (Mince Bridie)

Thomas Johnston Quality Butchers, Falkirk (Mince Bridie)


Ballards Butchers, Castle Douglas (Mince Bridie)

Calder Millerfield, Glasgow (Mince Bridie)

The Little Bakery, Heathall (Mince Bridie)


Brownings the Bakers, Kilmarnock (Steak Bridie)

Goodfellows of Dundee Ltd, Dundee (Steak Bridie)

Sugar & Spice, Auchterarder (Steak Bridie)

Tom Courts Quality Foods, Burntisland (Steak Bridie)