Apple Pie

This product may be produced in foil or tin baked but should not exceed 20 cm in diameter. The product must be representative of a traditional apple pie and not a turnover or small apple tart.

The pie must be completely encased in pastry and should not have a lattice or crumble top.

The filling must be apple and not a blend of soft fruits but can contain a small addition of vine fruit sweeteners, spices, fruit or starch binders. The pie must not have an additional lling such as custards, caramels or preserves.

The pie must be between 15 and 20 centimeters in diameter.

2017 Winners

Beth Browning's Bakery, Kilwinning

Murrays Bakers, Perth 

The Kandy Bar, Saltcoats

​Ashers Bakery, Nairn